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Lionhead Rabbits For Sale US – Popular Breeders

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It’s no surprise why you’re ended up on this page in search of Lionhead rabbits for sale near you! Many individuals are drawn to Lionhead rabbits because of the large, extensive mane that surrounds their heads. They make wonderful stand-out pets!

Consider adopting a Lionheart rabbit, too. You’ll have a better idea of the bunny’s character and any health issues if you adopt from a reliable shelter or breeder.

Lionhead Rabbits For Sale – List of Breeders In The US

Best Sites To Find Lionhead Rabbits For Sale Or Adoption Near Me

If you prefer to look online and for more information on Lionhead rabbits for adoption or for sale, these are the top sites:

If possible, try to acquire a Lionhead rabbit from a shelter or reputable breeder.

You may be tempted by the availability and price at pet stores, but you have no way of knowing how the bunny was raised or treated.

Pet store rabbits are frequently developed for financial gain with no concern for their health or upbringing.

Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead Rabbit Price

The average cost of a pet Lionhead rabbit is between $30 – $100. The price varies depending on where you purchase it. Lionheads bred for show purposes can sell for between $100 to $400.

Things To Consider Before Buying Or Adopting A Lionhead Rabbit

  • Are Lionhead rabbits good pets for children? – Lionhead rabbits are small animals and are good pets for children. Lionheads are usually non-agressive and are not known to bite or scratch.
  • How much time can you devote to Lionhead rabbits? – Lionhead rabbits need to spend time outside of their rabbit cages for exercise, so you must provide them with an area where they can hop around. They don’t need expansive spaces, just enough to stretch their legs!
  • It is vital to make sure that they have enough time to play and interact with the rabbit. You need to buy nail clippers to keep their nails short, trimmers for their fur, and you can even buy a popular rabbit toy to keep it happy. Also, their fur is easily matted so you ought to groom it daily.
  • Are you prepared to take care of these tiny bunnies for the long haul? – The average lifespan of a Lionhead Rabbit is between 7 to 10 years. Some live longer than others, depending on how well their overall care and diet are. Rabbit hay and pellets can add up in price, especially since rabbits tend to eat a lot.
  • Are there other pets in your home? Do you own dogs, ferrets, hamsters, turtles? How well will your other pets get along with a Holland Lop rabbit? You don’t want to place any animal in a stressful environment!

Final Thoughts

Lionhead rabbits are a specific breed of rabbit that is known for their lion-like mane around the head area.

These adorable creatures can come in different colors but typically feature orange and white colorings with some having grey or black mixed into it also.

Lionhead rabbits aren’t expensive (unless you opt for a show rabbit). They are attractive, peaceful, and make an excellent pet rabbit.

So, if you’re looking for a new pet companion at home, then we hope our recommended places to find Lionhead rabbits for sale help you out!

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