Continental Giant Rabbits For Sale

Continental Giant Rabbits for Sale In The US: Price and List of Breeders

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If you are looking for Continental Giant Rabbits for sale, you should know that they are one of the largest breeds of rabbits in the world. They can weigh over 25 pounds!

They have thick fur, which makes them warm. These rabbits need a lot of room outside their cage because they love to dig holes. Their lifespan is approximately 12 years, so definitely make sure you’re ready for the responsibility.

Continental Giant Rabbits For Sale – List of Breeders In The US

Sugar Ray’s RabbitsLitchfieldConnecticutEmail860-567-8577
Crystal Creek RabbitsLivingstonTexasFacebook936-433-7206
Red Rock RabbitsCedar CityUtahN.A435-238-6103
WEB’s BunsSouthwesternOhioEmail
Giants Among UsMeridianIndianaN.A
Briarwood Continental GiantsWashingtonContact

Giant Continental Rabbit Price

The average price of a Giant Continental is around $60 to $350. Costs may vary significantly based on their age, weight, type, and lifespan.

Things To Consider Before Buying Or Adopting A Giant Continental Rabbit

  • Are Giant Continental Rabbits good pets for children? – Giant Continental rabbits are rather big and heavy animals and may not be good pets for young children.
  • How much time can you devote to your Giant Continental bunny? – These rabbits need to spend time outside of their rabbit cages for exercise and exploring, so you must provide them with an area where they can freely hop around.
  • You need to buy nail clippers to keep their nails short, trimmers for their fur, and you can even buy one these best selling rabbit toys to keep it happy.
  • Are you prepared to take care of these giant pet rabbits in the long run? – The average lifespan of a Giant Continental is between 7 to 12 years. Some live longer than others, depending on their overall care and diet. You need to consider the cost of rabbit food!
  • Are there other pets in your home? Do you own dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles? How well will your other pets get along with a Giant rabbit? You don’t want to place any animal in a stressful environment!

Final Thoughts

Continental Giant Rabbits are wonderful pets but require a lot of care. These giant rabbits might not be good companions for young children. They can live up to twelve years when well cared for and love exploring outdoors.

Continental Giant Rabbits come in many different colors, but the most common is The average rabbit weighs between fifteen and twenty-five pounds, so these rabbits are enormous! They have a gentle nature and can be socialized with other animals, including cats, dogs, horses, cows, goats, ferrets, or other rabbits.

Continental Giant Rabbits should not keep these rabbit breeds in small cages because they cannot exercise enough to stay healthy, so they need to live indoors where their owners will give them the attention they need.

So, if you’re looking for a new pet for your home, then we hope our recommended places to find Continental Giant Rabbits for sale help you out!

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