Two Male Rabbits Together

Do Male Rabbits Get Along? Tips for Rabbit Socialization

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Rabbits spend much of their lives often in groups or pairs. In the wild, they live in large numbers, and most pet rabbits also prefer the company of other rabbits over being lonely. You can keep any combination of genders, including two male rabbits together. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure there’s a successful introduction and bonding between two male rabbits.

Two Male Rabbits Together
Can Two Male Rabbits Live Together? – Steps For Bonding 2 Male Rabbits

Neuter Both Rabbits

Rabbits engage in considerable physical aggression because of the hormones in their systems. By neutering them, you can reduce the violence.

Though it is possible to sex rabbits, doing so is rather challenging due to the little to no variations between male and female rabbits at a young age.

Some owners distinguish between the two by the dewlap. Female rabbits have a dewlap, a fat flap below the neck. However, males sometimes grow dewlaps as well. And, not all rabbits have dewlaps.

To prevent aggression, unwanted pregnancies, and other health issues, the best option is to neuter or spay your rabbits.

Start With Two Separate Cages

Hopefully soon, you’ll be able to bring your rabbits together in the same hutch, but the best way to begin is to place them in their own confined area. Start with two cages. Ensure that both cages have bedding, bowls, and other accessories and necessities.

Place Both Cages Close To Each Other

If both cages are set up, place them adjacent to one another. They should be close enough to allow the rabbits to smell each other and see each other.

Introduce Both Rabbits

After a few days of ‘near cage’ relations, introduce them in a quiet and neutral area rather than in their cages since the cage owner may be territorial. You could give them their favorite food or something special like carrots or cabbage. Just be sure that there is enough food for both rabbits to prevent fighting.

Can you keep two male rabbits together? Yes, you sure can! But, there are steps that you need to take first!

Monitor The Male Rabbits’ Behavior

If the two male rabbits do not show any aggressive behavior or hostility toward each other, you can allow them more time together. But, be sure to keep a close watch in case things change.

Some signs that the rabbits are not getting along include circling each other, nipping, or biting. Return each rabbit to their respective cages and try another day.

How To Bond Two Male Rabbits

Some signs that the male rabbits are getting along include laying down together, grooming each other, and relaxing. Once the rabbits start grooming each other, it is safe to assume they have formed a bond and can live together without issue.

Will Male Rabbits Try To Mate Each Other?

Yes. Male rabbits may try to mate with each other. This is a natural occurrence and is no cause for concern unless things become violent. Neutered males are no exception. They too may attempt to mate another rabbit.

Can Two Female Rabbits Live Together?

Female bunnies can also live together. Follow the same steps for introducing female rabbits, as one would for males. Females tend to be less aggressive with one another, but you should still spay both rabbits.

The Bottom Line

Two male rabbits can live together once you follow proper precautions. Start with separate cages, introduce the rabbits to each other gradually, use treats to encourage good behavior, be on the lookout for bonding behavior or aggression, repeat the process.

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