Rabbit Gestation Period

How Long Are Rabbits Pregnant For? – 5 Things To Know

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Mature rabbits can get pregnant at any time. There is no breeding season. It’s one of the reasons bunnies can have so many babies throughout the year! But, how long are rabbits pregnant for? Pet rabbits, and wild rabbits alike, have a 31 day gestation period. Below, we’ll talk about how soon rabbits can get pregnant and offer some tips on what to do if your rabbit is about to give birth. Here’s what you need to know about rabbit pregnancies!

When Do Rabbits Start Mating?

A female rabbit, or doe, reaches sexual maturity a little before 6 months old. Some smaller rabbit breeds mate with bucks (male rabbits) as early as 4 to 6 months. Larger species usually start mating when they are 9 to 12 months.

How To Tell If Your Rabbit Is Pregnant?

Rabbits continue to mate even during pregnancy. So, it’s best to keep males and females separate after conception. After about two weeks, you can feel the underside of the doe for embryos. They should feel like tiny pebbles. But, the best way to confirm a rabbit’s pregnancy is by taking it to a vet.

How Long Are Rabbits Pregnant For?

Rabbit gestation starts from conception through delivery. It’s a short period that lasts around 31 days. Pregnant rabbits do not exhibit much behavior change, so it may be hard to know if the female is pregnant. That being said, some does become aggressive during gestation and may eat more than usual.

Rabbit Gestation Period

What To Do With A Pregnant Rabbit?

Usually, a pregnant rabbit will start nesting 27 days after mating. You will see her pull fur from her dewlap to create a comfy nest for her litter. It’s a good idea to put a nest box in the hutch or cage to help the process.

Once the female is close to delivery, it may become restless and eat less. Once the kits are born, try not to disturb the bunnies until the following day. Some baby bunnies (kits) may not survive, remove them and leave the rest alone.

Rabbits usually give birth to between one to fourteen kits. The baby rabbits are blind and deaf, but these senses develop after about ten days.

After The Birth

It’s vital to keep male rabbits separate from the litter and female rabbit. Bucks may harm the babies and try to mate with the female again. After a while, the female will feed her litter. She usually feeds them twice a day, in the morning and night. After 4-6 weeks, the babies stop feeding from the mother and can eat other foods. To prevent another pregnancy right after, continue to keep the male and female separate.

The Bottom Line

Rabbit pregnancies do not last long. The entire gestation period lasts just 31 days. If your pet rabbit becomes pregnant, you won’t have much time to prepare, but there’s not much to worry about. Provide a safe place for the female to give birth, keep males separate, and provide adequate food and water for the female.

Thanks for reading about rabbit pregnancies on Rabbit Care Basics! If you don’t want your rabbit to get pregnant, you can opt to keep two females together instead of a male and a female. Before you do that, though, check out our article can two female rabbits live together?

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