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30 Amazing Rabbit Facts – #3 Is Unbelievable!

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Rabbit facts! If you own a pet rabbit, then you’d love this list of fun facts about rabbits! So, without boring you further, here are 30 amazing facts about bunnies!

Rabbits Can Groom Themselves

Like cats, rabbits lick their paws, ears, and other parts of their bodies. They use their tongue to clean their fur and groom themselves. But, even though rabbits can groom themselves, you can take some time to groom your pet rabbit too. Grooming your pet bunny lets you form a bond with your rabbit.

Bunnies Can’t Live On A Carrot-Only Diet

While rabbits can and will eat carrots, they cannot survive on a diet of carrots alone. A balanced diet of hay and pellets with the occasional carrot treat is best.

Rabbits Can Sleep With Their Eyes Open

One of the most interesting facts about rabbits is that they can sleep with their eyes open! With their eyes open, their light receptors are always working. Any change in lighting, like a shadow from another pet, the rabbit will wake up. A predator seeing the rabbit’s eyes will assume that the animal is awake and will be much less likely to attack in the wild.

Wild Rabbits Live Underground

Rabbits build intricate burrows and tunnels that sometimes interconnect. These interconnected tunnels are called warrens. They have rooms for nesting and living. Within these underground homes, they are safe from predators.

Rabbit Facts - They Live Underground. The entrance to a rabbit den.
Entrance To A Rabbit Warren

Rabbit’s Have Excellent Listening Skills

Rabbits are capable of rotating their ears a full 180 degrees (up to 270 degrees) to hone in on the source of a sound.

A Rabbit’s Ear Is For More Than Hearing

When a rabbit is too warm, the blood vessels in the ears dilate to release heat within the body. When it’s too cold, the blood vessels contract to maintain heat.

Baby Rabbits Are Called Kittens

A female adult rabbit is called a doe. A male adult rabbit is called a buck. A baby bunny is called a kit. Several baby bunnies are called kittens.

Rabbits Tend To Run In A Zig-Zag Pattern

Their disorganized movements may seem as if they are confused, but this is intentional. When being chased, rabbits will run in zigzag formations to confuse, rather than outrun, their predators. This also gives the rabbit more time to escape.

Rabbits Don’t Have Tails

They have scuts.

Rabbits ‘Tails’ Can Confuse Predators

This fluffy white scut contrasts with the rest of the rabbit’s bodies. This fluffy white scut is distracting and confusing as they race away. The tail causes the predator to need continuously to refocus its attention. This, along with the zigs zags, gives the rabbit extra time to getaway.

They Need Playtime Or They’ll Become Depressed

In nature, rabbits sometimes interact with one another and engage in recreational activities. If you’re considering getting a pet rabbit or have an existing pet rabbit and don’t have much time to spend with them, another rabbit friend is a good idea. Rabbits are social animals.

Pet Rabbits Need Space To Exercise

Rabbits should have a room with enough space to play and run. If they are not active enough, their bones can weaken as they grow older. Lack of play and exercise also leads to depression.

You Can Train A Rabbit To Use A Litter Box

You can train a rabbit to use a litter box. Like cats, a rabbit will instinctively go to the litter box to poo and pee. Litter training a bunny only takes a few weeks, and once done correctly, you can let your pet rabbit out of the cage without worrying about ‘accidents.’ Of course, be sure to bunny proof your rooms too!

A Rabbit’s Teeth Is Always Growing

Wild rabbits gnaw on tree branches, bark, and stumps. This helps keep their teeth from growing too long. So, you must provide pet rabbits with wooden blocks, hay, and other chew toys. Chewing on these can file down your rabbit’s teeth. If a more durable approach is necessary, take your rabbit to the veterinarian.

Rabbits Do Not Like To Be Held

Rabbits are prey animals and do not have many defense mechanisms. You may want to show your love for your pet by picking them up and petting them, but doing so may startle bunnies.

They Have Their Own ‘Bunny Island’

Ōkunoshima is a tiny Japanese island known as Rabbit Island or Bunny Island, where over 1,000 buns live. And, yes, you can visit rabbit island, but be sure to abide by the rules to keep the rabbits safe.

The Bottom Line

Rabbits are awesome! These 17 interesting rabbit facts prove it! Are you thinking of getting yourself a pet bunny? Read, Where To Buy A Pet Rabbit? And here are some Questions To Ask A Rabbit Breeder or Pet Store owner to help you pick the best bunny. Thanks for reading on Rabbit Care Basics!

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