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How to Find a Lost Rabbit: Steps to Reunite with Your Bunny

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A missing rabbit is not uncommon when keeping pet rabbits. However, before you get worried, here’s how to find a lost rabbit.

10 Tips For Finding A Missing Rabbit

1. Start With The Rabbit Cage

Ensure that you’ve checked your rabbit’s usual living quarters. Smaller rabbits are good at hiding in plain sight. Some missing bunnies even cover up their hiding spots with hay.

Leave your rabbit’s cage door open, and your bunny may hop right back inside. You can even try adding food to the food bowl and some water in the water bowl or water bottle.

2. Check The Surrounding Areas

Rabbits like seeking out and hiding unexpected spots. Are there chairs, beds, washers, or bathtubs nearby? A lost rabbit may hide behind or under furniture or appliances. Be sure to check these spots to see if your missing rabbit is hiding.

3. Check High Places Too

Rabbits have strong legs and can jump high. Be sure to check kitchen counters and open cupboards for your missing bunny.

4. Search Your Kitchen

Usually, missing rabbits wandered off in search of food. Check your kitchen or places where you store food that might entice a rabbit.

5. Check Bags & Purses

If your rabbit is gone and you have bags and purses within reach, be sure to check these as your rabbit may not be too picky when choosing hiding places.

6. Find A Lost Rabbit With Treats

A hiding bunny may come out if you place some treats within reach. Instead of putting treats in the cage, place treats all over the area where your rabbit may be hiding. Check to see if any of the treats go missing to help figure out the area where your little bunny may be lost.

7. Check Outside

Lost bunnies that wander outside might have trouble finding their way back home. Use any snacks you have on hand to entice your rabbit to return. Leave a treat in their carrier with the door open, and your rabbit should be able to make their way back to safety on their own if they are nearby.

8. Can’t Catch Your Escaped Rabbit

Is your bunny attempting to keep you at bay? If you act quickly, a well-thrown blanket, shirt, or soft jacket can afford you enough time to safely scoop your bunny up and return him to his (locked) cage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rabbits Find Their Way Home?

A rabbit does not have homing instincts; it may not memorize where its home is. If left outside, there is a high chance that your rabbit might wander off and forget its way back home. It may never actually return. However, if the area is enclosed, you can entice your rabbit with treats in hopes that it hops back into its cage.

The Botton Line

These are just a few tips on how to find a lost rabbit. Hopefully, your missing rabbit wanders back into its cage. You can add treats to help it find its way home. Be sure to check high and low when searching for lost bunnies.

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