Can Bunnies Wear Collars Or Harnesses

Can Bunnies Wear Collars Or Harnesses? 3 Things To Know

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Can bunnies wear collars? It’s generally not safe to put a collar on your rabbit. Collars, especially a collar and leash, can harm your rabbit or cause death. But, you can use a harness so long as you choose one that fits your pet rabbit just right. Read on for information on why using a rabbit collar is terrible and what you can do instead.

Why You Should Not Force Rabbits To Wear Collars

Can Bunnies Wear Collars Or Harnesses

Rabbits are easy to frighten and burst out in sudden and haphazard movements when scared. A collar can cause your rabbit to become stuck and strangle itself. A collar with a leash can cause the rabbit to break its bones if it jolts unexpectedly.

Another reason bunny collars are not a good idea is that they can cause injuries. Even if you confine your rabbit to a cage, there’s no doubt that your rabbit will try to remove the collar. They can damage their teeth or even hurt their feet. If your bunny’s feet get caught in the collar, it can panic and injure itself even more.

Did you know that rabbits have sensitive and thin skin around their neck? A collar can scrape it or cut into its fur, especially if the collar is tight. Not to mention that a rabbit’s spine and neck are fragile and easily injured!

Can Rabbits Wear Harnesses?

Can Rabbits Wear Harnesses? - A white bunny with black eyes wearing a harness with a blue ribbon. Around its neck is a beaded collar.

Harnesses are a safer choice for rabbits when compared to collars. But, you should only put a harness on your bunny for outdoor activities and remove it once done.

If you choose to use a harness, make sure that it’s a good fit, or your rabbit could escape, get lost, or injure itself.

If the rabbit harness is too loose, your rabbit can slip out, chew through it, or even get its foot trapped. Your bunny may get uncomfortable and stressed if its harness is too tight.

A good rule to check that the harness is just right is to slide two fingers between your rabbit and the harness. If you can comfortably do this, then the harness is ok.

What Type Of Harness Is Best For Bunnies?

These are the three recommended bunny harnesses:

The Bottom Line

With proper training, a rabbit can wear a harness. It’s a far better option than a rabbit collar. However, it takes time for a pet rabbit to get accustomed to wearing a harness and going outdoors. Always keep a close watch when outside with your rabbit. Or, start with a controlled area like your backyard or a rabbit-proof room.

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