How To Hold A Rabbit

How To Hold A Rabbit

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You need to know how to hold a rabbit before you bring one home. If mishandled, rabbits can be easily injured. Here are a few tips for handling rabbits without scaring them (or hurting them).

3 Important Tips For Holding Bunnies With Care

Socialize Your Rabbit At An Early Age: Early socialization of your rabbits with humans is vital. It can help them get used to being around people. Rabbits who are not handled by people regularly are more likely to be scared. Mistreated rabbits might always be afraid of being around people.

Be gentle when around your rabbits, move slowly, and use a low, calm voice (like talking to a baby). Being gentle will make your rabbits feel more relaxed.

Safety First: rabbits are sensitive creatures. So it would be best if you handled them with care. You can damage their fragile spine if they become frightened and struggle when held. A damaged spine can also lead to death! Be careful!

How To Pick Up A Rabbit Properly

  • When picking up a rabbit, the first thing you should do is support their back legs and bottom with one hand.

  • Place your other hand on their chest or stomach area to hold them in place as you lift them.

  • Once lifted, hold your rabbit’s four feet against your body to help make them feel secure.

Can You Pick Up A Rabbit By Its Ears?

Man holding bunny by the ears.
Don’t be this guy! Does this bunny look happy to you?

No. Never pick up a rabbit by the ears. Holding a rabbit by the ears is a widespread misconception about picking up rabbits. If you hold your rabbit’s ears, it will cause injury and stress. You should avoid handling your bunny by the ears at all costs.

Final Thoughts

This is how to hold a rabbit properly. You can now enjoy playing with them or cutting their nails without causing any pain or injury. Try your best to get them used to handling at a young age for the best results!

Keep in mind rabbits are prey animals and may be afraid of unfamiliar people no matter what age they are. It’s important never to force anything on your pet as this could cause serious stress! Stress can lead to health problems down the line if not dealt with correctly.

You now know how to hold a rabbit properly! Here’s some more information on caring for rabbits inside your home! This includes feeding them every day. Food is crucial if they are kept as indoor pets, so they get all their nutrients. You can also learn about litter training rabbits here! Litter boxes make things much easier than having to clean up after them all the time! Lastly, if you need to carry a bunny long distances, it’s best to use a rabbit carrier.

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