7 Best Rabbit Playpens (Indoor & Outdoor Use)

The finest rabbit playpens guarantee that your rabbit has a safe play area and can freely move around. We’ve compiled this list of the best rabbit playpens based on honest user feedback and company reputation. Even for an experienced bunny owner, finding the correct playpen can be difficult, but it’ll be much simpler with our guide.

What To Look For When Shopping For A Rabbit Playpen

  • The playpen should be at least 3 hops, or about 12 inches, across. If you are planning on using the pen as a house for a smaller rabbit, make sure it is big enough to fit their food and water too.

  • A playpen is a good place for rabbits to play. Rabbits like to chew on the playpens, so the construction needs to be durable.

  • It is important for your rabbit’s playpen to be easy to set up and take down.

  • Do you want the playpen to be temporary or permanent? A light, foldable pen is best for rabbits that have occasional playtime. On the other hand, choose a heavier and more durable pen if you want something permanent.

  • Is the playpen safe? A rabbit could chew through the material and escape. You need to make sure that your rabbit will be safe in its playpen.

Best Rabbit Playpens

These are the best rabbit playpens:

Best Value – Prevue Rabbit Playpen

The prevue bunny pen is a smaller option than our top choice but easily compensates for its significantly lower price.

It is an excellent choice as a playroom for small rabbits. You may combine it with other sets to create larger play areas for your rabbit to enjoy. It can be used for indoor use but is more suited for an outdoor setup.

Best Overall – Kaytee Rabbit Playpen

The Kaytee Animal Playpen features connected panels that you can build out to 9 square feet. The playpen is easy to put together and does not need tools. Rabbits can easily move around in the playpen because of the connecting panels that can lock tight yet still easily removable by us humans. It also comes with a protective plastic mat that you can put on the floor when your rabbits play in this playpen to prevent feces or urine from messing up your rug.

Best Wire Playpen – Tespo Pet Playpen for Small Animals

The Tespo Pet Playpen is the biggest rabbit playpen on the list. It has a dozen panels that are 28 inches tall, making it an excellent choice for preventing bunnies from leaping out. This wire playpen is for people who want to keep multiple bunnies. It is more expensive than other bunny pens, but we think it’s worth it if you’re going to keep two or three rabbits in a single playpen.

The only problem with this Tespo product is that it is hard to build. It needs a tool and cable ties to make it sturdy.

It’s not the most portable bunny playpen. However, if you’re searching for a rabbit playpen that is semi-permanent, the Tespo is the best option. But if you need a lightweight and portable entertainment solution, we recommend seeking a different rabbit travel pen.

Marshall Small Rabbit Playpen

Marshall Small Rabbit Playpen is made up of 29-inch panels designed to be safe for your pet rabbits. It’s also valuable for litter training new animals or keeping other animals out of an area where they shouldn’t. We wouldn’t want to start a turf war with rival bunnies!

The playpen comes with eight posts and four shelves inside, so you can set it up however you like best! We recommend this product more than just for exercise routines. Still, any small animal owner with an appropriate budget should consider purchasing one of these pens because it costs a bit more money than others on the market but offers even greater versatility.

If you have several pet bunnies or own a large breed like the Flemish Giant Rabbit, then this pen will work great as well, considering its size, too! Overall we think Marshall small animal playpens are a great buy.

RYPET Small Animal Playpen

The RYPET is a playpen made of transparent, breathable polyester fabric. It is easy to set up and can be used indoors or outdoors with ease. However, the material may not suit rabbits because they are known chewers who could quickly destroy this type of enclosure.

The fact that it’s a lightweight and foldable playpen makes it the ideal portable rabbit playpen. The only drawback is the ease at which your rabbit can chew through the material (which isn’t healthy for them to eat). In this case, we’d suggest keeping your rabbit occupied with a few of its favorite chew toys.

MidWest PlayPen for Rabbits

The MidWest Small Animal Pen is best suited for young and small rabbits. At only 15 inches high and providing just six square feet of the play area. Being the smallest playpen does come with certain advantages, though.

Its fold-flat design makes it extremely easy to store and travel with. If you’re looking for a small, simple cage to take on trips with your rabbit, this is a good option as it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor setup.

PUPTECK Pet Playpen for Bunnies

This playpen is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with an easy-to-follow setup manual, and you can adjust the shape and adjust the size of your playpen as needed. The corners keep it stable on any surface so that your rabbit won’t be able to escape while inside their playpen.

JYYG Small Pet Pen Bunny Cage

JYYG Small Pet Pen Bunny Cage is an excellent option if you’re looking for an indoor and outdoor safe playpen. It can fit anywhere, like in your living room or patio. The metal material makes it sturdy and durable, which will last longer and is easy to clean up when needed. You can also fold it down quickly and store it away when not in use. It’s also tall enough for your pet to stand up if they want to!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use A Playpen For My Rabbits?

  • If you have a small rabbit that cannot push the gates open, then you might want to use a playpen. You can use it as their living area. Add food, water, and litter boxes for them to use. Then put some toys in there too!
  • You can litter box train your rabbit using a playpen.
  • If you want to introduce a new rabbit to your home, you may have to keep the rabbits separated at first. Use a playpen for this purpose.

How Big Should My Playpen Be For My Rabbit?

When choosing a playpen for your rabbit, choose one that is big. If you have the money, get the biggest one available. And make sure it is high too so that bigger rabbits cannot jump out of it.

What Are The Different Types of Playpens For Bunnies?

You can find a playpen for your rabbit made of many different materials and styles. Most rabbit playpens are made of plastic, wire, mesh, wood, or metal.

The type of rabbit playpen that you choose depends on your needs. Is it easy to fold or needs setup? Playpens that are easy to fold are great but if your rabbit is going to be living in it, then you need one that is more durable.

Is It OK If I Build My Own DIY Playpen For My Rabbit?

People who like to build things by themselves may wonder if they can make a playpen for rabbits. You can make your own playpen with wire grates and connectors.

It does not cost much, but you may find that there are some playpens available at a lower price than what you would pay to make it yourself. If you like building things, then go ahead and create your own bunny playpen!

Best Selling Rabbit Playpens On Amazon


The best rabbit playpen is Kaytee Pets ‘n Playpens. The Prevue Pet Products MultiColor Large Scale Pet Playpen is a great substitute for our top pick.

Remember that investing in your rabbits’ health and happiness is a tremendous benefit to you. As bunny owners, we want our pets to live long and happy lives. Buying a playpen is just one way we can ensure this.

If you plan to travel a lot with your pet bunny, shop for foldable playpens or a portable playpen. If you plan to set up your rabbit’s playpen outdoors in a safe and secure place, look for metal playpens. Most of these playpens can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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